Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Tale of the Sleeping Father

I wasn’t actually registered to attend the first photography workshop at Hot Milk on the Thursday, but one of the photographers, Susan, rang my mobile to say she was running late, so I said I would wait for her in the foyer, where the rest of the group were gathering.
Melissa was going to the workshop and I expected her to be waiting with the others, instead I found a few lost souls looking for the group. As Susan arrived, my group grew until there were maybe a dozen, plus babies and toddlers! Mmm …. Time to find out where the rest of them were, so I rang Melissa and she explained they had moved because the foyer was too noisy and they were now round past the registration desk.
So, Pied Piper-like I led my followers around and discovered at least as many people just starting with the other photographer. We joined them, but it was not a great forum, so we decided to split in two. Our group headed to one of the empty workshop rooms with Susan, but soon agreed the light was too bad, so we headed toward the windows in the Atrium, maybe 20 adults plus hangers-on.
We approached the comfortable seating area and there he was:– the perfect photo opportunity, unknown to himself! Quietly giggling, everyone began snapping the image of the sleeping baby in the arms of the sleeping dad! I was a little anxious: –although we could pretty well assume he was attached to one of the delegates, he was still minding his own business in a public space! I grabbed my trusty photo permission form and crept up and placed it beside him on the couch!
Not long after, as the workshop continued around him, the father awoke and quietly took in his changed circumstances. Shortly after, a completed permission form was handed over to one of our team by a man resigned to seeing himself in Essence magazine some time soon!

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