Monday, December 31, 2007

Paper Adventure 08

Yes! This looks like a place for me!!!!!!!

"Here is the thought:
Make a mini book. And I mean minibook in the most liberal sense of the word. If you have a stack of index cards you can do this. If you have one of those little steno notebooks you can do this. If you are a boy, you can do this. If you (and this one is the real clincher) have access to a computer you can do this. I have some readers (including my girls who are probably wondering what happened to the person who used to write about going to the 9oh) who are not scrapbookers and my message to you is: YOU PEOPLE CAN DO THIS.

Because here is the thing. I will help you.

And while I have no patience, I have passion. And last I checked, passion trumps patience.
Every week of 2008, I will post a prompt. Or maybe an image. Or maybe a funny joke. Or maybe a (you fill in the blank).

And then you, should you accept this mission, can use that as stimulation and inspiration to make a "page" about YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS for your mini book. And please remember, your "minibook" might be a word document. Or a cocktail napkin. Or the coolest, "scrapiest" thing anyone has ever seen.

Anyone interested? I promise good times, strong drinks and hopefully, if we are lucky, a fantastic little CAPSULE of YOU during the upcoming year."

I even have a partly begun album cover that will be perfect!

Let the fun begin!!!!!!

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linda loe said...

wow you have made some lovely things for the PA08 I like it.