Friday, December 28, 2007

we DARE you

With a gift voucher in hand, I headed to my favourite book store, with a goal in mind: I have never checked out their scrapbooking books! Never even thought about it - I get scrap books from scrap shops on the rare occasions I have bought them, but mostly I borrow from the library. But there are no novels on my Must Own list atm, so ...

... and there on the shelf was a book I had seen online and wondered about! The library don't have it but now I do!

The book features challenges as seen on the website and has a whole other perspective on scrapbooking - about YOU as a person, in a sharp, modern style. It intrigued me. And will be an interesting focus in 2008. So I have signed up for the blog and look forward to working through the Dares in the book.

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Beverley Todd said...

I got a signed copy from a friend for Christmas - it's fab! Just signed up to their site too