Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 36

"The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work"
Oprah Winfrey
Concentrate on this prompt more for the journalling. Go back to your goal list, how are you getting on? Take a self portrait

mmm ... goals are easy to work on in January, when the year is new and the mood is holiday.

February is back in the real world.

Okay - my goals and how I'm doing. Well, my own word for the year is CREATE and that is going pretty well. I did the LOAD challenge in January and I'm doing LOAD 2 this month. I have kept up with the 365 challenge so far too!

Goal: Be a better photographer. I am working on this. Still haven't found a web tutorial aimed at the completely inept, but have ordered Nikon D40 for Dummies! Meanwhile, auto mode is my friend and I am focusing on improving my composition. Bought a spunky new camera bag that has room for my other stuff, to make it more appealing to take everywhere with me. So far, so good!

Goal: Enjoy more yoga. Yes, well, the plan was to start classes last Friday, then I woke up feeling crook and promptly pulled a muscle in my neck and spend the day on painkillers! And my great plan to go this Friday has been thwarted by an unexpected call to work that day. I am going to suss out the evening classes and see if I can be a casual at whichever class does fit into the week. No yoga on the decck in the morning yet, but ....

Goal: Be as healthy as I can. Well, if we discount the pulled muscle and then the weird virus that laid me low on Monday, then I am as healthy as I can be atm! Could do better with the food/hydration/exercise. Note to self....

So - do I pass? Busy months ahead. But I am important to me and these things are important to me. Repeat.
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purplecrazymum said...

Have you checked out twopeasinabucket - they have an online camera tutorial going at the moment "12 weeks to better photos" or some such... I, however, spend far too much time surfing the boards to actually read the tutorials ~lol~

Loving what you are doing atm, hope you are better able to get a handle on your goals soon!!