Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 53

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." -- William Morris

This is one of my favourite philosophies ... however, the quote should include the following "... and so you must live alone!"

My personal stuff is hopefully useful AND beautiful - this is my aim. My family - well, they truly have some lovely things and they also have some not-so-lovely stuff! Because they believe it to be useful, I have to live with it - often what I refer to as on display and they think of somewhere handy!

This photo is my newest nice place to look. It is in my scrap room (also known as the living room!) and is directly opposite my workspace. I wanted a display board to use as a mood/inspiration board, but all the ones I saw were very blah: until I saw this in Target! Perfect! The photos in the framed sections were taken by me at an Open Garden last weekend and are to remind me that I want my garden to be beautiful. The words are cut from magazines and the Tupperware catalogue and are to motivate me with some of my goals this year. One framed photo is myself with the woman I most admire, another is my husband's entire family gathered at Christmas and the third is an image I took of my youngest on his first day of the school year, which I posterised on photo shop and really love. The baby dinosaur hatching from his egg was discovered in a thrift store one day and I love him! My one word for 2008 is CREATE. And the gold, star-shaped basket? That's where DH dumps his keys and phone and wallet and ... stuff. Not where I would like it, but where he drops it on arriving home. sigh ...
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Ruby Claire. said...

WOW this si GORGEOUS! Your room is so beautifully colourful!
Im using you as my inspiration when painting and re-decorating my room next year!
BEAUTIFUL! Orange and purple are simple gorgeous together!

Anonymous said...

where did you get the word 'create'? I am trying to get my word spelled out somehow, but finding it hard to get ideas on where to get it! (Live by the way is my word)