Saturday, February 9, 2008

February 9

I have just uploaded my LO for today. I thought I wasn't going to manage one, as I am really not well and have taken to my bed. Then I thought - perfect time to try a LO in Photoshop Elements! I might not have the energy to work with actual paper and photos, but bringing my laptop to bed, voila! Horizontal scrapbooking!I have MS - mild, but still catches me now and then. I have had some weird virus all week and now the MS is showing it's face (weirdly, I have lost the abilty to taste salt! That's a first! It is only temporary.) The fatigue means I need to rest a lot. Frustrating, but the silver lining - facing my resolution to learn photoshop this year - if it kills me! So, a simple LO, but very big step in a new direction.
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purplecrazymum said...

she has such a beautiful smile! Get better soon!!

paru's_circle said...

ahh.. this is lovely, i dont kno how to use photshop.. heck i dont knw how to use a scanner,, the old one broke down and this new one?/ hard trying to teach an old dog new tricks ;-) thanks for stopping by my blog