Friday, February 1, 2008

Reflections on LOAD

Well, that was January 2008! 50 LOs in 31 days, surpassing my goal of 31 and including five double LOs.

I haven't scrapped this hard since the month prior to Melissa's 21st birthday back in 2005!

I have learned a lot.
  • Like each page does not need to be perfect.
  • That I don't need to scrap in order.
  • That you can never, ever have enough "spare" adhesive!
  • All that cardstock isn't so much after all.
  • The perfect embellishment is sitting in your stash ... or elsewhere in your home!
  • That it is really easy to fill an album.
  • You really must take HUNDREDs of photos at every occasion, to make sure you get the RIGHT photo.
  • You MUST delete unloved images or your computer runs really s-l-o-w!
  • My family are interested in my work and enjoy seeing it displayed, not just in albums.
  • I am a worthy subject.
  • You can never have enough ink/photo paper!
  • Across the world, families are pretty much the same!
  • You can scrapbook all day, every day - but you don't have to!
  • There is time to scrapbook - especially if you do not watch TV shows you don't need to watch! Like three versions of the evening news each day!
  • An organised scrap space is the secret to uninterupted creating - and Clean As You Go really does help!

I am sure there is lots more! I also learned there are some lovely people out there, confirming my belief that the world is full of nice people, even though the nasty ones hog all the attention.

Thanks for looking!

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purplecrazymum said...

I love the lessons you have learnt - just change the three versions of the news to "switch the computer off", and that's probably my list too ~rofl~