Saturday, February 23, 2008

Scrappers with Crocs!

I love it when my worlds collide!

I love it when people see the funny side of life!

Therefore, you know I LOVE this blog, which I was alerted to on the blog of Angie Pederson!

So here are my contributions: a LO I did for This Is Me challenge, the photo, which I originally made for the Deck of Me challenge last year and - most wondorously - a wild croc in its natural habitat, which Melissa and I discovered last weekend at Cruden Farm (a gorgeous garden owned by 99yo Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, mother of Rupert. Yes, THAT Rupert Murdoch!) We did not stage this one, we peered to see what might have unearthed the soil at the foot of a gum tree, and that is exactly what we found!!!!

AND ... how cool are these???

And the Rachael Scholz creator is quite local to me! I so want a pair of my own!
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