Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day 64


Its that blasted lemon tree just outside our door, hovering over the deck. Just the last flash of afternoon sunshine before the sun dips below our roofline.

Lemons are like liquid sunshine and I know in many parts of the world, they can be like liquid gold! But here in outer suburban Melbourne, they are part of the backyard landscape in most gardens and we could never consume them as fast as they grow. In season, desparate people try to off-load lemons on those without a crop of their own and boxes and carry bags appear in the most unlikely places. Our Mediteranean-like climate suits their needs perfectly and the unencumbered innocently suggest we freeze the juice for year round enjoyment. Good idea, but we have year round crops!

This is the biggest of our TWO trees! What were they thinking?????

Anyone need lemons??
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Cookie Sunshine said...

Dear Yvette,
We are expecting as much as seven inches of snow before day break.
Oh, your lemons are soooo lovely!
How much fun that you are taking a different photo each day!

YvetteDownunder said...

Yes, I see all these snow photos on blogs each day - we are aweltering again, temps over 30 celcius every day this week!

I am having great fun - some days it is hard to choose a subject for the prompt, but so far, so good!

domestic goddess said...

how beautiful to have those trees to look at every morning!!