Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 76

"I like what I see when I'm looking at me, when I'm walking pass the mirror"
Mary J Blige
You are that person in the mirror, start loving that person!

I'm working on it!!!
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Cookie said...

Yvette, I love this one!!! It makes me remember my baby sister when we were children. There was a mirror in the hallway of our house that we always came in direct contact with anytime that we went to our bedrooms. My baby sister LOVED to eat bear claw pasteries that my parents kept in the freezer. My parents enjoyed sitting on the patio in the evenings. They sat in a way that they were facing inside of the house. My sister would walk stelfly down the hall, through the family room, into the kitchen, further on into the breakfast room, and then finally into the laundry room where the extra freezer held the pastries. She would then palm the pastry in her right hand and begin walking back towards her room. As she approached the hallway and made her turn, she was in a position where her back was towards my parents and her face came into contact with the mirror. At that time she would always stop for a moment, look at herself in the mirror and raise her eyebrows up and down about three times before dashing down the hall and into her bedroom where she enjoyed her snack.

What a great memory you brought back.


ps...Red is a good color for you