Thursday, March 27, 2008

Day 86

“Any necessary work that pays an honest wage carries its own honor and dignity.”
W. Kelly Griffith
What is your job, your day to day job, your working life?

Now you might think this looks suspiciously like my scrapping space - and you'd be right! But as of last week, it is also now my paid workplace! If you look really close at the screen - or follow this link - you will see where my heart and head spend our working hours. I do it for love - and money. I have always done my volunteer work at home, but atm, that's where I am doing my paid work too. We are "between funding" right now and homeless! So my workspace has intergrated (seamlessly, I am proud to say!) with my playspace. For now. Maybe for a while? Anyway, the commute is heaven and the co workers aren't too bad, but they seem a bit too slack :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I have followed your blog for a while now, but never realized you are helping women breastfeed! How wonderful! I breastfed my 4 year old and my two year old until they turned 1 (and I also work full-time - so I am a pumper). I currently am pregnant with 3rd (and last) child who will (I hope life lets me) also be nursed for a year.
Just want to say thanks for helping women learn and cope with doing this wonderful thing - it isn't easy - but it is the one accomplishemnt I am the most proud of.

YvetteDownunder said...

My life passion is helping women achieve breastfeeding success. Here in Oz, about 90% of women start out breastfeeding, yet by six months almost half of them have weaned. Not usually by choice - most often due to problems that were too overwhelming for them resolve and which their support team have failed to get them through. That makes me really sad.

My dream is to have a community that 100% supports breastfeeding mothers and provides the care and services they need if it becomes challenging. Premature weaning is a failure by western society to nurture its childbearing women in their time of need.

Off my soap box :)