Sunday, March 2, 2008

Marching on

Just a quick update for my many fans - LOL! Or maybe Note To Self!

I am calling this month Manic March. I have a lot on my plate and scrapping is going to be way down my To Do list. I am determined to keep up with the 365 Day photo challenge and my weekly challenges, but anything else will be bonus time.

On the 20th March my paid work office will close for the last time and I will commence working from home for about three months until funding is secured for the next financial year. As I am the only paid employee, that means life right now is about sorting, culling, packing and organising! At home, I need to make space for my work essentials which need to come home and at work I need to work out what isn't essential to go into storage. Hope I get THAT right!

Just to make it interesting, the next three weeks also include my eldest DD's 24th birthday, a long weekend, a branch meeting (in said office), a breastfeeding seminar ... yep, great time for all!

Although I will spend lots of time at my scrap table, in front of my laptop, I am not sure how my mojo will cope. I am also looking at lots of early nights to compensate for physically demanding days. So, I may vanish a little from here, even though I am here!

At the end of it all though, I will gain 6 hours a week not spent commuting, $50pw not spent on fuel and all thaat bodes well for scrapping! Roll on, Easter!!!!!

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