Sunday, June 1, 2008

Photo Freedom

After hearing about it on every scrapping blog, in every magazine and seemingly everywhere I looked, I was thrilled to spot the book Photo Freedom by Stacy Julian on the shelf in a LSS I visit occasionally. Never mind I had only gone in to buy some emergency black cardstock: it was coming home with me! Especially as it was only a couple of days before a good, long train journey where I could read it fairly uninterrupted!

So – did it meet such high expectations? Yes. Stacey’s library of memories system reflects the type of scrapper I am these days and will help me lift my organisation style to a new level. There are still a few boxes of sorted but unscrapped photos on the shelf and they have consistently lingered near the end of the To Scrap list because other more exciting or time-sensitive projects pushed to the front.
I like that the system is flexible enough to be tweaked to suit the individual, yet is structured enough to guide the totally overwhelmed. I look forward to playing with it soon!!!!

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