Thursday, August 13, 2009

The big move!

My poor, neglected scrapping blog! I have so much to tell you!

I am writing to you from my newly relocated scrap room! Ta Da!

Just two weeks ago, my DD21 moved out of home and left her bedroom empty just long enough for me to take it over. Much as I loved my little corner of our living room, being right in the middle of everything doesn't always motivate creation. With my scrapping mojo a bit hit and miss in recent months, I was finding it hard to concentrate to the background sounds of six adults, two cats and a dog, with accompanying computers, mobiles, games consoles, music and DVD collections! Sometimes I would feel like scrapping in the evening, but would retreat to the peace and tranquility of bed instead!

Now, I have a DOOR which I can close! A TV which I can watch my chosen programs while I scrap and a lovely light-filled space from a window. It doesn't take much to make me happy, LOL!

With DDs blessing and support, I covered her apple green walls with Purple Rhapsody in two evenings and swiftly moved all my furniture and supplies with the assistance of DD25 and DS18 - DH magically working late every night. On the weekend, DD21 put up my shelves and storage railings, so the last of the supplies could go in their rightful home. A place for everything and everything in its place.

In an effort to corral the creativity, I am sharing the space with DD25 and her sewing! She was taking over the second dining area, which was a problem given I had taken over the first! So we are now sharing the one work table - obviously not at the same time :) It is working well so far, as our creative times tend not to overlap - she being more of a night owl than I. As long as we both abide the One Rule that the table top needs to be cleared at the end of each session (NOT PROJECT) is abided by, we will get on swimmingly.

So immediately it was done, I was knocked flat by a nasty cold and it is in that state I write, with little energy to take photos for you yet. Perhaps tomorrow. I have tweaked my storage and display and am happy with the new set up. After a marathon scrap time prior to a reunion at the start of this month, I have even whittled down some of my stuck stash and actually NEED to do some supply shopping in the next few days - bliss! Must get better asap! Even need a trip to Ikea!

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