Friday, October 9, 2009

They said RED!!!!!

What began as a bit of harmless fun revved up to quite a competition this week, with 30 voters casting 31 votes in my poll of what colour am I to shop for this week for scrapping supplies! (Lanii did not get away with voting twice for pink!)

The overwhelming majority voted RED, so that is what I packed into my (red Ecosilk) shopping bag at a newly found small lss today.

I have actually tried to stock up on red embellishments previously and found it harder than it should be - unless you want Christmas themes, so I was pleased to find all this treasure in a tiny store. I was also happy to find ribbon and brads featuring lips, to finish off my "Close Enough to Kiss" layout in the babywearing album. I had given up finding anything and there they were :)

Now three colours are ruled out from further voting - purple, jade and red. I wonder what will be the vote next Thursday on my Facebook page? Even more intriguing: will I find somewhere to scrap shop in my busy weekend at the Pregnancy, Babies and Children's Expo? I will be in Southbank for three days and I don't think there are any scrapbook shops in the Melbourne CBD! mmm ... perhaps the City Spotlight?
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