Monday, November 30, 2009

The NEW scrap stash shopping challenge

For the past couple of months, my Facebook friends have motivated me to restock my scrapbooking supplies by voting each week for a colour that I would shop for. This has replenished my paper and cardstock, ribbons, buttons, flowers and more.

However, my themed embellishments are in a sad state. Stickers, titles, words, quotations, lettering, tags and all sorts of bits and pieces that make a layout come alive. So for the next few weeks, I am asking you to nominate a theme for the week, with the most votes guiding my shopping choices.

Themes may be occasions like birthdays, weddings, Christmas or they might be things like travel, events, friends, pets and more. They can be very specific, like sisters or cousins or general like family.

So, jump on board and lets have fun! The basic rules stay the same - majority wins, winners are eliminated from future nomination and I am also allowed to by stuff I need for specific projects and take advantage of sales!

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