Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365 - photo a day

Its the first day of a new year! So what better time to commence the Project 365?

I attempted this in 2008 and kept up til Day 88, which was a good effort! Life got in the way (my health) and I abandoned it. I think I had made it too complicated, by following a blog where there was a daily prompt to adhere to. I had begun elsewhere with a self-portrait a day, but that got too hard! So this year, I am just going to let it happen. If I find an online source of prompts that work for me, that is what I will do, otherwise I will just capture daily life.

What I have done is order Becky Higgins Project Life as an easy way to scrapbook the photos. Last time I used a self made min album, but again, that was just that bit too much extra work. I am hoping a ready set up album will make it much easier :)

I will use all my camera options - DSLR, digital point and shoot and my Blackberry. So sometimes I might have a great photo opportunity with the worst camera - or vice versa - but I am not stressing over that. I am planning on buying a new point and shoot for my handbag, so that should help: my current one, though excellent, is heavy and bulky compared to newer models and "only" 5MP!

With The Wedding in November, I am hoping to capture all the fun as we take that journey of planning and preparing. Hopefully, I will end up with a record of the wedding year which we can all look back on.

So there we are - I have publicly pledged this! Between my blog followers, Facebook Friends and whichever Project 365 community I link up with, that should be enough accountability to keep me going!

Glad to have you along for the ride!

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