Friday, January 15, 2010

Six months on - how the scrap room looks today

It is hard to believe it is heading for six months since Kaitlyn moved out of home and I set up my scrap room in her old room! I don't know where the time goes.

I have had lots of requests lately about some of the ways I organise my supplies, equipment etc, so I thought it was a good time to update the photos! And I have even managed to create a video tour on youtube:

Part One
Part Two

Now, compared to all those mega scrap studios that are squirreled away in US basements and bigger than you could believe spare rooms, my space is more like a large American closet than an actual room! People ask the dimensions, so I measured - 3.2m x 2.3m! No idea what that is in feet and inches!

So, let the tour begin!

This is where I do everything! The table is deep enough for me to push the laptop to the back while I scrap and the workspace is large enough for my projects. It mostly stays this clear and if I need more room, this stuff can all be put aside.

In front of me is all sorts of eye candy to motivate and inspire me. And a clock to make sure I don't run late if I should be somewhere else, LOL! The bucket on the table is where I keep my camera unless I am out and about, so it is ready to go for my 365 photos. On the front is my 365 checklist as another prompt.

The advantage of a compact space is, just about everything is in my reach/view! I have a TV/DVD set up so I can watch while I scrap - mostly it is listening! I keep all my albums handy, as the point is to scrap the memories to enjoy them!

Most of my tools and supplies are behind me, so I can swivel around in my chair and see evrything. I have raised my worktable to standing height using bed raisers - I have three bar stools to sit on and can stand when I scrap.

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Juel said...

Yvette, what I would like to know is in adding the bed risers to lift your work space, how sturdy is it?

YvetteDownunder said...

Quite sturdy actually - these things are designed to make your bed higher so you can store more stuff beneath it, so they are very solid and have a lip so the leg can't slide out. I don't get any movement on my table and forget they are there!