Monday, September 6, 2010

Kicking myself back into scrapping!

I have no explanation why I have completely not wanted to scrap over these past few months. Not lack of time. Not lack of supplies. Not lack of photos. Just lack of mojo.

I haven't even wanted to be in my scraproom over these winter months.

But I hate being in this stalled state, so the only thing to do is LOAD!

Yes, here we go again, I have signed up for LayOut A Day in October. Absolutely a mad month to do it in, but then again - so was February!

So I have about 3 weeks to spring clean my scrap room, replenish supplies and print photos. Because it is a busy month for me, I am also going to prepare some page packs, ready to go, with photos, papers, embellishments all together.

So you should see some action on this page soon :)



The Menopausal Goddess said...

Go Girl!

You can do it and we all look forward to seeing your layouts.

With love
Goddess Katherine xx

Jenn said...

Hi there!
Thanks for following my blog! Following you back!
I need to be inspired to scrap too. I'm getting way behind. said...

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Augustine said...

Not to be rude. But do you think it is possible to scrap to much in order not to think about what is really going on in life? Like instead of a hobby it is a habit?