Friday, October 12, 2007

Paperific - oh, my aching feet!

I had a lovely time today, in somewhat cramped but friendly environs! My shopping bag became too heavy to carry after four hours, my purse alarmingly light I even bought stuff on my shopping list, as well as a few bargains and impulse buys. There were so many people there, you had to wait for a lull to get into some stands. Be warned: I wouldn't take a pram in there if you paid me - definitely baby sling territory. The venue - The Pavillion - is very well-known to me, as I organised an event held there earlier this year (Mother's Play). I was wondering how Paperific would fit in there and the answer is: tightly. It is a very dark venue which requires a lot of spotlights to even begin to see well. Some aisles were very congested, so please be patient.I was thrilled to see Claire at the SM stand and be able to tell her how much I enjoyed her DVD with this issue - she was rapt.So now, to my first project: I bought a Kaiser ribbon dispenser to create!

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RubyRox said...

Glad you had a FAB time!! =]
thanks for adding me into your favs!! Your being added into mine now1! =]