Thursday, October 11, 2007

Holy Purple Cows!

Several months ago I WON a wonderful Purple Cows paper cutter on my fav scrapping Podcast Diva Craft Lounge. They give away a prize each week and I was thrilled to actually get one!!

I use it all the time and have been very tempted by another cutter they have been advertising, but was reluctant to bring it in from the US because of postage cost.

Today I found them on the shelf at Officeworks I didn't dip into my Paperific funds for tomorrow (such restraint!) but will be buying really soon.I want this too, but didn't stop to see if they had it .. I can resist anything except temptation!!!!!

UPDATE: SOB! The one they are stocking is NOT the ultimate trimmer I want! It is a different product, with a built in laminator, which is lovely, but not what I want. So I have bitten the bullet and ordered the trimmer and the freestyle cutter through Diva Craft Lounge!
UPDATE: Sob! SOB! The postage to Australia would be $200!!!!!!! So bang goes that idea. Will have to begin a campaign to get them stocked locally: a MISSION!

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